Some of you may be saying… Why?

I have over 10 years experience in creating radio shows, print magazines, creative design and advertising. While all of that experience was fantastic, I never had a true opportunity to just open the microphone and have a conversation that is completely unedited, where friends and guests can just come on and talk about whatever is on their mind.

I’m looking for great stories, and have been lucky to meet people that have them, and I’d like you to hear them.
Hopefully you will hear things that make you: laugh, get mad, get happy, be shocked, get nostalgic, have hope, have something… I’m positive you will hear things that you don’t like or didn’t know about me or any of our guests…

You could listen to an episode and completely hate it… But listen to another episode anyhow.

This show has no goal… This is not a money grab. This is not an attempt at fame. This is nothing but an open microphone with the people I find interesting. (but if you want to pay a million dollars or even five dollars I’m sure I can accommodate you)

Enjoy –