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Monthly Archives: July 2020

013 – The Redneck Pendulum Theory

Summary Do we really need buffets? New Diet: Get on TV. The Redneck Pendulum Theory Listening to: Chris Cornell – Patience NEW BIT – Teach me something I don’t know: 605-340-0811. You gotta uninstall TikTok – it’s a real thing. (Note – I had to take the source’s name out of this for good reason, […]

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012 Who can drink for 468 hours?

Summary I made a Spotify playlist if you’re inclined. South Dakota can drink! (But they still can’t comment about it.) Gizzard Talk. Crazy Internet Conspiracy Theory Corner. (hint: Wayfair isn’t selling kids you dopes) Fishbrain is my new social media. What TikTok knows about you. #neckup #leathernecknation Stories from Alcester! (CamelToe edition) Listening to: Billy […]

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011 Who Wants Some Horse Meat?

Remember when ‘Side Boob’ was a thing? What else can you do with $500 million? Buying a fraction of a racing horse? Eating Horses? Stories from Alcester – Our 4th class made a parody song about bombing Iraqis. Boy, Is Vaughn Meader F*&%ed. Nobody wants to smell your disgusting lotion, gross. BO Airplane Stories. Marble […]

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010 – 87% Sure I’m Pretty Sure

​Trump is here and everybody is crazy. The dark web! A dummy explains what it is. I’m pretty sure I’m 87% sure. Giving away hamsters on the internet. New bit: Even Stevens: Fauci and Defund the Police. Leatherneck Nation! Sports to reconsider. Scout abuse advertising is weird. Sign language sexting is coming! Subscribe on: Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts […]

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