Episode 5: Jesse Jurrens


Episode 5: Jesse Jurrens.

The best part about this new podcast is hanging with people that I love. Jesse Jurrens flunked out of college, and then built a company from the ground up. During the time he learned: How to deal with a sick father, invent a product, work out of his parent’s basement, start a business, be on television, become a semi-celebrity, sign a stranger’s breast, and – most importantly – make you laugh when you’re around him, because in the end he’s still a redneck goober from the middle of nowhere. Which is awesome. You can find his products online or check out Facebook, or Youtube. (which he’ll never check) 

And we also found how we’re going to track the popularity of this podcast. Get your camera phones, kids and learn how to help at the end of the episode.


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