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I missed some of you. Not most of you.

010 – 87% Sure I’m Pretty Sure

​Trump is here and everybody is crazy. The dark web! A dummy explains what it is. I’m pretty sure I’m 87% sure. Giving away hamsters on the internet. New bit: Even Stevens: Fauci and Defund the Police. Leatherneck Nation! Sports to reconsider. Scout abuse advertising is weird. Sign language sexting is coming! Subscribe on: Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts […]

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008 – RIP King Ron

I know it’s been a little bit. I’ll tell you why. Use your I Feel Statements and maybe just shhhh for a bit. RIP King Ron. You were the best man. Remembering the Sex Talk from your mother Train Graffiti News! The best gizzards in SD? Go. Canned Moose Stories from Alcester: The Rabbits. Then […]

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Ep 005 – Sec of Animal Naming

Five episodes in – you must like the sound of my voice as much as I do. TEXT THE HOTLINE: 605-340-0811. Best of FB: Bridges vs Trucks in Pierre Covid Music: Astronautalis, Prof, Soulcrate, POS, etc.. (#doomtree) Thanks to Wes back East for the playlist jumpstart. Sidebar: Is The Heartland Panic the best record ever […]

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Ep 4 – In defense of the murder hornet

Thanks for listening! The FIRST Story From Alcester! (my home town that was equal parts Rockwell and Redneck). Non Trump/CV NEEEEWWWWWS. (Things you can’t do in IKEA) Defending: The news, murder hornets, the mining company. Not everything is Tiger King, relax. What’s Awesome: Rock Garden Tour and friends. Bad Ads: Robocalls I’m getting. I’m 100% […]

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Episode 002: Back by No Demand..

Hit the Mailbag – you can email, text, leave a message… complaints, thoughts, questions about whatever you want – Hit the mailbag and join the fun. OR CALL 605-340-0811 – 24 hours a day. 🙂 Summary I can’t believe he made 2 episodes either. You don’t know shit. I choke on my water. King Ron […]

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Episode 001: Welcome Back

Welcome back. I missed some of you. Probably not all of you. 1st episode:  Shopping during Quarantine – The whitest problem I have. Lesser known shows to binge while at home. Being a shitty internet person. Vampires used to be cool until they became vegan twinks. Facebook thinks I’m a rat. Fake Mailbag!  Available on: Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, […]

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