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I missed some of you. Not most of you.

009 – Retractions Galore

Sorry to the racists, my bad. Summary Turns out I was wrong about that noose story and Nascar. My bad. A grown up admits when they are wrong, they don’t change the argument. Mailbag: Hockey, Pitbulls, Bands. Been Listening to: The Kickback, Audiotree Live shows Nobody is coming to blow up Rushmore just calm down. […]

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Ep 003: Joe Pesci’s Rap Career

Summary ​Holla @ yo boy – 605-340-0811. bookofmurdoc@gmail. ​Why is my mailman dressed like he’s conquering India still?​ The first guest! Joe Pesci’s lost rap gem. At home fights. We had a gay dog growing up. Porn addiction ad comment threads = glorious.  Fake Mailbag: ​Anxiety about real mail bag, dating during quarantine, timing your sexting, more embarrassing personal […]

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